Agency History

When my dad, William DeVito and Tom Osborne, and set out to in 1958 they knew one thing: they wanted their agency to be one of integrity. They wanted to know their clients and wanted their clients to know them. That message of integrity has been passed down as they retired and the agency took on new leadership. Both Mark, who started out as an agent in 1983, and myself believe that these traits are integral in serving our clients.

The world sure has changed since I was a kid visiting my dad in his office. He and the other agents were serving clients solely in San Diego with maybe a handful of clients outside San Diego County. Now we have clients all over the nation in a wide variety of commercial industries and personal policies. Communication is made a lot easier through email and cell phones and while we would love to meet with each of our clients face to face like Dad did, we know that in this busy world not everyone has the time. We also have the luxury of communicating with our clients through social media, so feel free to connect with us on our various platforms (Facebook, & our monthly newsletters).

I hope that just like our predecessors, myself, Mark, and our wonderful agents and staff can serve both our local community and the wider world by providing quality insurance that lets you live your life and run your business in the most innovative and fulfilling way.


--Jim DeVito


Alcott Insurance Agency

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