Agency History

When my father, William DeVito, and Tom Osborne began this agency in 1958, they knew one thing: they wanted their agency to be one of integrity. They wanted to know their clients and their clients to know them. That message of integrity has remained our cornerstone as they retired and I took ownership of the agency. I believe this is integral in serving our clients.

The world has changed since I would visit Dad in his office growing up. In those days, Alcott was serving clients solely in San Diego with only a handful of clients outside San Diego County. Now, we have personal and commercial clients nationwide.  Communication is streamlined through email, cell phone, and social media.  While we would love to meet with each of our clients face to face like Dad did, we know that many clients simply do not have the time.  It is our job to service the needs of every client.

I hope that myself and our wonderful agents and staff can serve the community by providing quality insurance that allows you to live your life and run your business knowing that you have the full support of the Alcott team, just as Dad and Tom did.


--Jim DeVito

President, CEO

Alcott Insurance Agency