About Our Office

Here at Alcott Insurance Agency, we care very deeply for our agency, insurance reps, and clients. Alcott is a brokerage firm, which means, we can search multiple insurance companies to best fit your needs at a price that fits within your budget. We take great consideration into our clients’ needs and are delighted and willing to help our clients meet those needs. We would like to share with you a snapshot of what drives us as a company.

Service: Our top priority is that our clients feel safe and secure while going through their day to day life. We strive to provide coverage that fits each client’s unique needs so that they can have that confidence while going about your day. Our staff is also available to answer any questions one may have about their policy and coverage. We love it when a client asks us questions because it’s a chance for us to share our passion while better informing our clients.

Loyalty: Many of our clients have been with us over ten years and there is a reason for that. By providing the excellent service we’ve mentioned above, our clients trust us and we trust them. Many of our insured that started out as clients grew to become dear friends and colleagues over the years. We want them to know that at Alcott you are not just a name on paper, but a person who we are dedicated to providing the best service we can to.

Choice: Being an independent brokerage firm gives us access to many different carriers which provide an array of competitive rates for our clients to choose from. We can also have more avenues to provide them with policies that fit their unique situation. What’s more, it allows us to act in the best interest of our client, and not for the large insurance companies.